The George C. and Hazel H. Reeder Heritage Foundation

Mission Statement

The George C. and Hazel H. Reeder Heritage Foundation promotes understanding of the diverse history of Southern California and the City of Montclair through the preservation and interpretation of the historic Citrus Reeder Ranch. The Foundation serves the public by preserving, exploring, and sharing the agricultural, economic, cultural, and social history of the Reeder Citrus Ranch and its extensive collections.

Historic Reeder Citrus Ranch

The Reeder Ranch has been recognized for its significance by the City of Montclair as a City of Montclair Historic Landmark.

The significance of the Reeder Ranch is derived from its architecture, landscape, and historical association with the citrus industry of the San Bernardino Valley. Owned and occupied by the Reeder family for more than a century, the property is virtually unchanged from its period of significance and is thus a tangible remnant of the area’s citrus past.

Reeder Home

Historically ten acres in size, the Reeder Ranch is exemplary of the family owned citrus farms that dominated Ontario, Pomona, Montclair, and the greater area for the first half of the 20th century. The ranch today is one and a quarter acres in size and retains the house, barn, ancillary structure, and remnants of the citrus grove that were the center of the Reeder family and business. The property as a whole is exceptionally important in telling the story of Montclair’s citrus past. With citrus acreage long ago depleted, there are very few properties left in the San Bernardino Valley that can so effectively tell the story of this important chapter of the area’s history.

2024 Summer Park Update

George C. and Hazel H. Reeder Heritage Foundation Meetings

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